Therapy Services

15250_mediumlarger 2TO LIVE FROM THE HEART IS A SUBVERSIVE ACT, especially in a culture that values “being strong” more than vulnerability and emotional transparency. 

Many clients arrive in therapy after years of dismissing their inner lives or quietly suffering in relationship to someone who is unkind or inattentive. To endure, perhaps they’ve had to steel their hearts from further disapointment and pain. Yet a subtle quickening still resides in even the most hidden heart, patiently awaiting the right conditions to reveal itself.

Therapy may be the first sanctuary where someone feels safe enough to recognize and befriend this quickening — this longing to know oneself – and to live unfettered from the heart, free from fear.

quotes-red“Words that come to mind when I think of Van: calm and soothing; sensitive and supportive; goes-the-extra-mile; present; gifted and insightful; current-in-his field; brilliant; steady and dependable; in-there-with-you; graceful; queer-ally; open-minded; worldly; sharing-of-his-life experiences; patient and good-listener.”

I offer a range of therapy services to help clients begin to form a deep and abiding relationship with these stirrings from within. 

  • Individual Therapy. I offer both short-term, solution-focused therapy, as well as life-changing, depth therapy for individuals who want to restructure their personalities; find deeper meaning in life; or harness the power of their spiritual practice to tame the endless activity of their minds and access deeper states of being. 
  • Couples Counseling. I work with couples in all stages of relationship — from those newly dating or living together to newlyweds and lifelong partners who desire to rekindle sex, love, and intimacy. I also work with couples recovering from affairs and rebuilding trust. 
  • Parent Coaching. During the adolescent years, parents may need a sounding board to help them navigate the art of raising responsible adults while staying connected to their teens in meaningful and life-sustaining ways. I also work with parents who are grieving the loss of their own partner. 
  • Professional Consultation. I provide professional consultation to therapists who specialize in couples counseling and want guidance integrating contemporary attachment literature and psychobiology research into their clinical practice.