Interests and Passions

14875_mediumlargerI AM BLESSED IN MY WORK to be able to combine many of my life’s interests and passions. I love poetry and language, and bring to the consulting room a wordsmith’s appreciation for how the metaphors we use create our experience — in writing and in life.

Just as poetry allows meaning to gather, clarifying without simplifying, I attempt to help my clients bring a spirit of discernment, openness, and possibility to their lives, allowing them to re-imagine what may feel closed and unattainable.

Raised Christian, and shaped by Buddhism, bhakti yoga, and non-dual philosophy, I’ve devoted my adult to trying to see and experience the world clearly, without the veneer of projections. I believe that our lives are the visible signs of invisible grace, and that a fierce and honest acceptance of what is, even when it breaks our hearts, is the beginning of all true emotional and spiritual growth.

It is, as the poet Jack Herschman wrote, “the beginning of all real reception.”

Intellectually, I am fascinated by how early attachment experience affects neurological wiring and capacity to bond late in life. I’m a student of the most current research in affective neuroscience, attachment, early childhood development, and how psychotherapy brings about change.

Because we now know that insight alone doesn’t lead to change, my approach blends a variety of modalities – somatic experiencing, nervous system and arousal-based tracking, mindfulness practices — to encourage individuals and couples to cultivate new experiences that reprogram the brain.