You may long to
live whole-heartedly–

and to feel loved and connected - but struggle with anger,
depression, loneliness, or inexplicable sadness and anxiety.

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  • Couples in any stage of their relationship.
  • Women and Men who feel lonely, isolated, and disconnected.
  • Professionals with demanding jobs and inordinately high expectations for themselves.
  • Cancer patients – and their loved ones and caregivers.
  • Individuals with psychophysiological disorders made worse by stress, anxiety, depression, and shame.
  • Men who want to explore intimacy and vulnerability, anger, career and parenting issues, and online addictions.
“Van quickly earned confidence from both my husband and me, even though we had very different comfort levels with the therapy process. He was savvy about gender roles and working with both men and women, and was experienced enough to challenge us to examine our dynamics in a fresh and positive way.”